LogiMAT 2019 – Aussteller JBT Corporation

JBT Corporation, the global designer and manufacturer of automatic guided vehicle systems (AGVs), was introducing a new forkover-style AGV specifically designed for the European market at LogiMAT 2019.

The new forkover features a streamlined design, and an extra 500 kilograms of load capacity in a reduced footprint that will allow it to operate safely in tighter spaces. The forkover joins a new reach AGV, an expanded line of counterbalance units, outdoor AGVs and a freezer-rated vehicle, as part of JBT’s standard line of AGVs that serve the European market. With this new design, JBT adds to its growing family of AGV products made specifically for Europe.

JBT can better serve their customers with the right product for the right applications as they work to meet their business goals in an Industrie 4.0 world.