LogiMAT 2019 – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner

第十七届德国斯图加特LogiMAT2019国际内部物流解决方案及流程管理展览会,第三日,中国北京《起重运输机械》杂志现场采访德国工程师协会(VDI)巴伐利亚州生产和物流协会主席、慕尼黑理工大学(TUM) 物流工程教授——Johannes Fottner博士。采访内容如下:

  • 中德物流合作的挑战与机遇
  • 中欧物流发展趋势
  • 德国斯图加特LogiMAT 2019展览会的创意点
  • 他将呈现在LogiMAT China上的精彩内容

在LogiMAT 2019斯图加特展会上,Johannes Fottner博士作为评委会主席主持了“最佳产品奖”的颁发仪式。他曾在LogiMAT斯图加特展览会上做过多次主题讲座, 此次在上海新国际展览中心2019年4月15日至17日间举行的LogiMAT China 2019展会现场,他还将发表两场主题演讲。

At the last day of LogiMAT 2019 – 17th international Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management in Stuttgart, the Chinese magazine „Hoisting and Conveying Machinery“ spoke with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner, chair of Material Handling Technology, Material Flow and Logistics at the Technical University of Munich about:

  • The chances and risks of corporation between German and Chinese companies
  • The current and future developments of intralogistics
  • The innovations at the LogiMAT 2019 in Stuttgart
  • His participation in LogiMAT China 2019, Shanghai

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fottner is the jury chairman and hosted the Best Product Awards. He gave several lectures at the LogiMAT in Stuttgart. He will also be presenting two keynote speeches during LogiMAT China 2019 in Shanghai (April 15-17, 2019).