LogiMAT 2019 – TradeWorld – The Movie (English)

The world of commerce is changing fast – whether in the B2B or B2C area.

TradeWorld – the Professional Platform for Trade Processes embedded within LogiMAT 2019 – features e-commerce and omnichannel products and solutions. TradeWorld offers essential guidance to businesses that seek to optimize, integrate, and digitally transform their trade processes.

TradeWorld’s themes underscore the close link between trade and logistics processes. Themes at the TradeWorld expert Forum 2019:

  • The B2B E-Commerce Challenge
  • B2B Commerce in the Age of the Platform
  • AI and Robotics in Logistics and Trade
  • From Fulfillment to Omnichannel Business
  • Making the Most of Returns
  • Digital Transformation Brings Transparency to Commercial Logistics

The TradeWorld Professional Platform for Trade Processes is a unique showcase of the synergy between trade and intralogistics. For example, visitors found innovative E-Commerce strategies for retail 4.0, shop systems, inventory management software solutions, fulfillment, shipping, and returns processing near the TradeWord expert forum.